Monday, 15 November 2010

How it began

I started playing World of Warcraft late summer 2005, and from the very beginning I made note of what my characters looked like. At the time I had very little idea of what stats benefited my character, and a good example of this was Nightsky Cowl. It dropped off the first tiger in Stranglethorn Vale, and my rogue used it for quite some time.
I thought it rather pretty.
Astralaan Robes

Some years later, the Burning Crusade came along and I went and leveled my druid up to 70. My rogue came along more slowly, and when I was running around Blade's Edge Mountains, the Astralaan robes dropped.
And there, with those purple and white robes, my collection started. This blog is simply a showcasing of the robes and outfits I have collected over the years - still do to a certain degree, but obviously I have somewhat limited bagspace - and I found WotlK sadly lacking. It has some interesting patterns and colours, but they are very repetitive.

For this first post I have the Astralaan robes, which consists of - yes you guessed it; Astralaan Robes. They can drop of any mob in the 67-70 range in Draenor. If you are someone without hoofs, you may want to add shoes;
Knitted Sandals
 - white quality item to be bought of armor vendors
Dress Shoes
 - white quality item that can be made by tailors
Stylish Blue Shirt and Sage's Pants
or Frayed Shoes
 - grey quality item which drops from mobs in all starting areas

The second outfit should work for nearly everyone, male as well as female. The pants has a nice blue line down the legs, which works very nicely together with the shirt.
Seeing as I tried this outfit on a Draenei, there is no need for shoes, but if you are a different race it may be nice to find some.

The outfit in total consists of;
Sage's Pants
 - a green quality item, world drop, which is probably easiest obtained from the AH
Stylish Blue Shirt
 - which can be made by any tailor worth his or her salt.
Resilient Cord
 - also a green quality item, world drop.
Bright Boots
 - an alternative for the hoof-challenged type, a green quality item that looks like brown leather boots, and goes nicely with the brown and gold in the shirt and belt.

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