Friday, 19 November 2010

A casual outfit for warm days

This outfit consists of a short pair of pants, sandals, and a rather nice shirt, and can be used for informal parties.

Stylish Blue Shirt
 - an alternative could be Stylish Red Shirt, Stylish Green Shirt or Stylish Black Shirt. The two former can be made by a tailor, same as the blue one, but the latter, the black shirt, can only be bought from a Stormwind vendor.
Aurora Pants
 - as far as I know they look somewhat different on male characters and the shoes I have used may not be the most suitable. If you have hoofs, shoes are hardly necessary.
Knitted Sandals
 - can be bought from a wide variety of vendors throughout Azeroth, and fits nicely to this outfit. As mentioned above, if you are male you may want a somewhat more masculine pair of shoes, but unfortunately I don't know what would be suitable.

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