Monday, 24 January 2011

Want to go Fishing?

Since I have already posted everything I have on the Lunar Festival dresses, I had to figure out something different. So I picked this screenshot of my rogue - fortunately I still had it for she is now a gnome, and it does look a bit better on a tall character.

This began when I got interested in fishing, and wanted to put together the best outfit for it.

Hat: [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat] is excellent for this outfit; the colour matches exactly (well nearly). It can be found in [Bag of Fishing Treasures] (Outland), [Bag of Fishing Treasures] (Northrend) and [Bag of Shiny Things] (Stormwind), which are rewards from the fishing quests around the world. If you find yourself unlucky with those bags, you can try for [Lucky Fishing Hat], which is a reward from Rare Fish - Keefer's Angelfish.
Shirt: [White Linen Shirt] made by a tailor. This outfit can be used without it as well, on a warm day.
Overall: [Blue Overalls] is made by a tailor. Excellent for fishing. An alternative could be the - admittedly prettier - [Mechbuilder's Overalls], but this item is a random drop from mobs in Gnomeregan, and requires you to have engineering as a profession.
Belt: [Azure Silk Belt] can also be made by a tailor. It may not be the best belt for this outfit, but I personally picked it because it has a swim speed increase; at the time I was trying for the [Arcanite Fishing Pole] and such things were important.
Gloves: [Woodworking Gloves] drops from Goblin Woodcarvers in Deadmines.
Shoes: [Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots] is a reward from the quest Rare Fish - Brownell's Blue Striped Racer. The Brownell's Blue Striped Racer is a fish that can only be caught during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, on Sundays.

The knife is a [Razor Sharp Fillet Knife], also found in Bag of Fishing Treasures, and the fish is likely a 17, 1922, 26 or [32 Pound Catfish]. There are plenty of offhand fishes in the game, so you just have to pick. Or, well I suppose it depends on what you get.

Monday, 22 November 2010


The time has come for the Pilgrim's Bounty, which is an excellent opportunity to level your cooking skill - or, as I am bound to do, get hold of all dresses and outfits it may offer.

The pilgrim wardrobe that can be acquired consists of;
Pilgrim's Attire
Pilgrim's Dress
Pilgrim's Robe
Pilgrim's Boots
Pilgrim's Hat

The various items may not be all that fantastic to look at, but it has it's value in roleplay, and particularly the Pilgrim's Attire can be used in a formal setting. In contrast, the Pilgrim's Dress looks rather more homely, and the Pilgrim's Robe is definitely more suitable for a dusty road.

Pilgrim's Attire
Pilgrim's Dress
The first outfit consists quite simply of:
Pilgrim's Attire
Pilgrim's Boots
Pilgrim's Hat
 - The boots are particularly valuable as they and can be used together with other outfits.

The second is the dress, and consists (in this case) of:
Pilgrim's Dress
Pilgrim's Boots
 - I've foregone the hat as I think the outfit looks better without it.

Pilgrim's Robe
Lastly there is the robe, which looks quite different from the rest of the outfit, and different accessories are recommended:

Pilgrim's Robe
Acolyte's Shoes
Battered Jungle Hat
 - the Jungle Hat is not my first choice, but I didn't have an alternative. The best option (in my opinion) would be Thread-Bare Hat/Lucky Fishing Hat/Ranger Hat

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Suited for Festival

The Lunar Festival has options for you if you want to avoid wearing a dress.

Festive Black Pant Suit, Festive Blue Pant Suit, Festive Teal Pant Suit
 - These can be obtained in the same manner as the Festive Dresses, by purchasing them from Valadar Starsong for 5 Coins of Ancestry apiece.
Shattrath Jumpers
 - Together with the Festive Blue Pant Suit I have used the Shattrath Jumpers, which is a reward from the quest Into the Heart of the Labyrinth, and can be obtained at level 68. These may be unavailable for many, or sold to a vendor somewhere ages and ages hence, but if you have them or can get them, they look very nice to the Blue Pant Suit.
Shadow Council Gloves
 - Also to the Blue Pant Suit I have used this pair of gloves. They have the same coloration as the Shattrath Jumpers, are fingerless, and fits in nicely beneath the sleeves. Another alternative is to get Frayed Gloves, whose color is slightly off but not by much.
Brewfest Slippers
 - As a very valid alternative, they can be bought during the Brewfest for 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens. They also work on characters with hoofs, to a certain degree. For a character with feet I would recommend a different pair of shoes, the Pilgrim's Boots (see below)

Festival Suit
 - As with the Festival Dress, this is also red, and can be obtained through tailoring, by purchasing the pattern from Fariel Starsong in Moonglade during the Lunar Festival.
Pilgrim's Boots
 - Clearly a very nice choice for this particular suit, and a reward from a variety of daily quests during the Pilgrim's Bounty event.

Dressed for Festival

During the Lunar Festival event, you can get hold of several very nice dresses and suits. Most of them can be bought with 5 Coin of Ancestry, and a few through tailoring patterns. They are all cloth and can be used by all classes.

Festive Purple Dress, Festive Pink Dress and Festive Green Dress
 - they can all be obtained by paying 5 Coin of Ancestry to Valadar Starsong in Moonglade
Acolyte's Shoes
 - Sold by Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad Foothils - which means he is inside the instance, and cannot be found in Hillsbrad (the zone). The shoes are brown and more muted than a black pair of shoes, which makes them suitable for these rather colourful dresses. Together with the Festive Pink Dress I have used Heavy Weave Shoes, which does not, unfortunately, match the dress all that well. I would recommend using the Acolyte's Shoes.

Festival Dress
 - This is the red version of the dress and can be obtained from a tailor. The tailor will need to buy the pattern of Fariel Starsong in Moonglade, during the Lunar Festival event. It is the only festive dress that is not bind on pickup as well.
Acolyte's Shoes
 - the brown colour suits this dress almost better than the other three.

Friday, 19 November 2010

A casual outfit for warm days

This outfit consists of a short pair of pants, sandals, and a rather nice shirt, and can be used for informal parties.

Stylish Blue Shirt
 - an alternative could be Stylish Red Shirt, Stylish Green Shirt or Stylish Black Shirt. The two former can be made by a tailor, same as the blue one, but the latter, the black shirt, can only be bought from a Stormwind vendor.
Aurora Pants
 - as far as I know they look somewhat different on male characters and the shoes I have used may not be the most suitable. If you have hoofs, shoes are hardly necessary.
Knitted Sandals
 - can be bought from a wide variety of vendors throughout Azeroth, and fits nicely to this outfit. As mentioned above, if you are male you may want a somewhat more masculine pair of shoes, but unfortunately I don't know what would be suitable.

Monday, 15 November 2010

How it began

I started playing World of Warcraft late summer 2005, and from the very beginning I made note of what my characters looked like. At the time I had very little idea of what stats benefited my character, and a good example of this was Nightsky Cowl. It dropped off the first tiger in Stranglethorn Vale, and my rogue used it for quite some time.
I thought it rather pretty.
Astralaan Robes

Some years later, the Burning Crusade came along and I went and leveled my druid up to 70. My rogue came along more slowly, and when I was running around Blade's Edge Mountains, the Astralaan robes dropped.
And there, with those purple and white robes, my collection started. This blog is simply a showcasing of the robes and outfits I have collected over the years - still do to a certain degree, but obviously I have somewhat limited bagspace - and I found WotlK sadly lacking. It has some interesting patterns and colours, but they are very repetitive.

For this first post I have the Astralaan robes, which consists of - yes you guessed it; Astralaan Robes. They can drop of any mob in the 67-70 range in Draenor. If you are someone without hoofs, you may want to add shoes;
Knitted Sandals
 - white quality item to be bought of armor vendors
Dress Shoes
 - white quality item that can be made by tailors
Stylish Blue Shirt and Sage's Pants
or Frayed Shoes
 - grey quality item which drops from mobs in all starting areas

The second outfit should work for nearly everyone, male as well as female. The pants has a nice blue line down the legs, which works very nicely together with the shirt.
Seeing as I tried this outfit on a Draenei, there is no need for shoes, but if you are a different race it may be nice to find some.

The outfit in total consists of;
Sage's Pants
 - a green quality item, world drop, which is probably easiest obtained from the AH
Stylish Blue Shirt
 - which can be made by any tailor worth his or her salt.
Resilient Cord
 - also a green quality item, world drop.
Bright Boots
 - an alternative for the hoof-challenged type, a green quality item that looks like brown leather boots, and goes nicely with the brown and gold in the shirt and belt.